Since I went back to full-time work in July 2008, expressing milk for Naima has become routine. Naima is now 16 months old and her milk intake (when we are separated) has reduced from 16 ounces to about 10-11ounces. This means that I always have a lot of extra milk and we have no more freezer space for food!

I started donating milk in March of 2008 and the very first recipient was PCMC, through Dr. Fats Banez. PCMC was in faraway Quezon City so Dr. Fats graciously picked up the milk. Then I found PGH through Naima’s pediatrician, Dr. Silvestre. PGH was much closer to home so yaya Tata and Ruben started monthly milk deliveries to Nurse Tina.

Through my various groups, I found several moms who needed milk for their babies including twins and triplets. These moms were willing to pick-up milk from the condo. So I stopped giving to PGH and now donate milk to babies whose families pick up milk from the condo.

I use Lansinoh milk bags which I brought home from the US or asked my friends to bring home for me. I ‘m happy to find that Thai-made milk bags – NANNY brand are available in SM — and for a reasonable price! About 350p for a box of 25 pieces.

One of my latest donations was to a Bacolod-based baby. When her aunt picked the milk, she gave me NANNY milk bags as replacement. This gave me an idea. I know that milk donations should be free but in my case, I’ve spent so much in the milk bags. After that donation, I’ve started to ask milk recipients to replace my milk bags. I give my milk in Lansinoh bags but I’m happy to receive NANNY bags as replacement. I think it’s only reasonable that I make this request so I can continue donating to other babies in need.

Anyway, for moms with excess milk who don’t know where to donate or don’t have friends with babies who need milk, here are some entities who would be happy to receive milk. I know Fabella also accepts milk donations but I don’t have their details yet.

Alay Gatas Headquarters – Human Milk Bank
2/F Philippine Childrens Medical Center Quezon Avenue, Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Telephone numbers: 9240838 and 9246601 local 354
Click link for email address.
Fax to: 9240840
Contact: Dr. Fats Banez – 09228221408

PCMC requires that donors fill up a Screening Form and submit a HepaB test. I submitted the HepaB test taken when I was pregnant.

Angels Milk Bank
Contact: Rosanna Henares Angeles
They were recently featured in Sunday Inquirer Magazine, 13 April 2009. They also require a HepaB screening test which you can fax to them.

Philippine General Hospital
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Contact: Nurse Tina
We usually deliver our milk since they don’t do pick-ups. PGH has a 25p parking fee so to avoid parking, yaya Tata texts Nurse Tina and they meet in the lobby for the milk delivery.

*Update 8/20/2010:
Makati City will be establishing its own milk bank. They started with a “milk letting” on August 11, 2010 – the 1st year death anniversary of the city Mayor’s wife, who died at childbirth. The Mayor’s daughter then survived on donated breastmilk. Read about it HERE. To be updated as soon as the milk bank is established.

Still looking for details of the Fabella Milk bank. Leads appreciated 🙂

Update 11/9/2010: Finally got information on Fabella Milk Bank.

Meanwhile, for moms needing breastmilk, I was able to get some information about Fabella Milk Bank. You can purchase milk from their milk bank at the cost of P400 per 200ml. However, breastmilk is not always available as this depends whether they have ward mothers donating breastmilk. The milk is pasteurized and tested. Before you can buy however, you need to bring a medical abstract of your baby. The ward mothers are eager to donate breastmilk because donors receive a huge discount off their hospital bills. Sometimes, they only pay P50! To get in touch with the Fabella Milk Bank, call 734-5561 local 156.

Update 3/24/2011:

For moms who want to donate directly to families, check out the Facebook page of Human Milk for Human Babies – The Philippines. Post your milk donations there – no cellphone numbers or email addresses please then ask the moms to get in touch with you directly via personal message. Read here for more information where you can donate milk.