Early in the course of my breastfeeding career, I heard the term “IBCLC” countless times – during my hospital stay, consults with LCs, visits to various forums and online researches. An IBCLC is defined as “a specialist in lactation management,” who “possesses the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes to provide substantive breastfeeding assistance and skilled technical management of lactation-related problems.” IBCLCs are certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. The Philippines belongs to the Asia-Pacific Region, with head office in Australia.

There are several breastfeeding support groups here in the Philippines but there are only five recognized and certified IBCLCs in the Philippines. However, it does not mean that only IBCLCs can give support to nursing mothers. Several members of the support groups are breastfeeding or peer counselors who have been trained to give support/information to nursing moms and may be working towards becoming certified as an IBCLC. The path towards being certified as an IBCLC is not easy and in fact a candidate is allowed up to 5 years to complete her certification.

The IBCLCs in the Philippines are:

1. Dr. Ma. Gracia V. Agrasada of UP PGH.

She is an ambulatory pediatrician. However, she does not have clinic hours and can only be contacted through e-mail. She is connected with the Philippine Children’s Medical Center in Quezon City. However, she currently does not accept lactation consultations.  She is also the one who accredits IBCLCs in the Philippines.  So if you want to be an IBCLC, you need to contact her.

Update 16 July 2013:  Dr. Agrasada has clinical lactation exchanges at the Breastfeeding Clinic.  See details below:

The Breastfeeding Clinic at UP Manila (PGH) has a monthly CLINICAL LACTATION EXCHANGE (CLEx). This forum is a small group activity ( 4-5 persons), takes up breastfeeding cases/problems, looking particularly looking at individual mother-infant clinical situations (as differentiated from breastfeeding promotion). The forum takes 30 mins, all persons are welcome. A week before the date, the LC is required to inform us of her intention to attend to enable us to prepare handouts for the meeting. This activity is for free. The lactation person is required to inform us of attendance by sms (0920 286 6949), to enable us to prepare handouts for the meeting.

Here are the dates and topics:

  •  July 24 (Wed) Sofie’s breastfeeding story as told by her stools (Dr GV Agrasada)
  •  Aug 14 (Wed) About nipples (Dr D Mendoza)

UP-PGH OPD Breastfeeding Clinic.   

Lactation counselors, breastfeeding coaches, breastfeeding educators, breastfeeding enthusiast are all welcome to consult cases or even bring the mom-baby for consult. . Any lactation person who wants to bring in a mom-baby case, she is welcome. Such meeting may be arranged in ADVANCE by sms (0920 286 6949). All services are for FREE.

2-3. Dr. Elvira L. Henares-Esguerra, RPh, MD, FPDS, IBCLC and Nona D. Andaya-Castillo, IBCLC

Dr. Esguerra is a dermatologist and works with Ms. Nona and put up Children for Breastfeeding, Inc. They can be contacted through: 271-0954 and 444-4716 7014429-30 or 09198395555.

*Update 17 June 2011.  Here are the new contact details of Dr. Esguerra, as provided by reader Barre below:

Dr Henares-Esguerra also has a new clinic in Makati Medical Center effective June 2011. Tower B – Room 135.  Her clinic hours are M-T-Th 10am to 4pm first come first served but appointment recommended. W-F&Sat by appointment only. Call M-T-Th 10am to 4pm to ensure an appointment 8888999 local 7135.

4. Dr. Patricia Malay-Kho

Dr. Pat Kho is an ob-gyne who is also a member of the Best Friends in Breastfeeding support group. She holds clinic at Makati Med CP Manahan Bldg, Tower 1, Room L2
M-F 3-6pm
Sat 9-12
8888999 loc 2158

5. Dr. Elynn L. Go

Dr. Go is a pediatrician who is based in the Emergency Room at St. Luke’s. She also has clinics at Asian Hospital, Paranaque Doctors, Las Pinas Medical Center and Alabang Medical Center. Lactation consults are only by appointment. She can be contacted through 0917-8444831 or at St. Luke’s Emergency Room – (632) 723-0101 ext. 1913.

Dr. Go usually sees lactation patients at her clinic (Room 522) at Paranaque Doctors’ Hospital Her clinic hours are Thurs 1-3pm; Friday and Sat 4-6pm. Appointments can be made through her secretary, Donna, by calling 7760644 loc.7510.

6. Dr. Jo Bondoc at the St. Luke’s.

Dr. Jo emailed me that she has been recently certified as an IBCLC.  Her clinic schedules are:

Mornings: Medical City MATI building suite 612, tel 6356789 loc 5058

Afternoons: St Lukes Global City MAB building suite 1121, tel 7897700 loc 1121.

Call for appointments.


Dr. Go and Dr. Agrasada also work on charity cases. They hold free lactation consultations for charity patients at UP-PGH every Wednesday morning. Call UP-PGH (5548400) and ask to be connected to Pediatrics, Out-Patient Department.

7. Another IBCLC to add to the list! Dr. Lourdes M. Mendoza (09209506350). She is based in Cagayan de Oro City. Thank you to Dr. Jessa Sareno for the heads up. Dr. Jessa is a neonatologist who recently completed her training at the UP-PGH and works with Dr. Mianne Silvestre. Dr. Jessa will be going back to her home in Cagayan de Oro and will be setting up a breastfeeding clinic with Dr. Des Mendoza! Lucky Cagay-anons! (Update: 1 September 2010)
8. Dr. Cristina Bernardo has already been certified as an IBCLC as of August 2012!  She holds clinic in St. Luke’s Global City and The Medical City.  Here are her contact details: (Update: 25 January 2013)

St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City

Medical Arts Bldg., Rm. 1118

Clinic Hours: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Office Tel. No. 789-7700 loc. 7118

Mobile No. 0922-8677118

Look for Ms. Merly

The Medical City – Ortigas, Pasig City

Medical Arts Tower Inc., Rm 713

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Clinic: Hours: 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Office Tel. No. 635-6789 loc. 5076

Mobile No. 09228216012

Look for Ms. Jane

9.  Dr. Tere Ribano, breastfeeding coordinator of Makati Medical Center.  She is also affiliated with Asian Hospital, Healthway and My Health.  More details here.

10. Dr. Rachel S. Leelin also from Makati Medical Center

11. Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumpas from Parkview Children’s Center in Makati.  You can reach her at 216-7698 / 0918-8075767

12. Joyz Martinez, the nurse who runs B.A.B.Y.

Update: 8/10/2012

St. Luke’s Medical Center (Quezon City and Global) has established their Lactation Units.  The units are staffed with lactation counselors, nurses and managers who are available for consultation.  Click HERE for details.

The Medical City likewise has established their Breastfeeding Center.  The center is staffed with a lactation specialist and lactation nurses/midwives. You can contact the Breastfeeding Center at 988-7000 or 988-1000 local 6720.

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