I started joining blog giveaways about 3 months ago. Since then, I have won 2 contests. The first one was from Alicia’s The Soft Landing where I won a set of 3 Boon Bath Toys which Naima is very happily playing with – makes her look forward to bath times. The second contest I won was from Tanya’s Motherwear Blog, the Latch-on DVD give-away. This will be very helpful in early breastfeeding, especially to first-time moms and I hope to share this with my L.A.T.C.H. “counselees”.

I’m happy to share that there are a couple more giveaways which would be interesting to breastfeeding moms:

The first is from Elita of Blacktating in celebration of her first blogiversary! She is giving away 7 items – 4 breastfeeding books, a pack of organic diapers, a $50 gift certificate for online mommy shopping and a breast milk storage system. Contest ends on June 3.

The second is from Melodie of Breastfeeding Moms Unite – this is her first giveaway. She will be giving out 1 set of My Baby Experts Simply Breastfeeding DVD, which was created by Shari Criso (IBCLC) to help moms successfully breastfeed their babies. Contest ends on June 13.

I haven’t seen a local blog with baby/nursing product giveaways yet. Hopefully, this giveaway craze will soon attract local vendors which carry products for moms and babies and sponsor contests similar to the above. J

*You need a U.S. address to join these give-aways (Canadian addresses are accepted for Melodie’s contest). This blog entry was created for the purpose of joining Elita’s and Melodie’s give-aways.