I missed the October breastfeeding carnival!! I think the deadline was just 1 week from the time the topic was announced. It was quite a busy week at work so I totally missed it. But given that the topic is very interesting AND there are a lot of realizations I continuously learn about breastfeeding, I still thought of making my own list (and hope to add to it as I go breastfeeding-wiser).

  1. You can never over-prepare for breastfeeding
  2. Just because a person is a pediatrician does not mean that they know everything about breastfeeding
  3. There is such a creature as a breastfeeding-friendly pediatrician.
  4. There are formula-friendly lactation consultants.
  5. It DOES hurt at the start but it gets easier as time goes on.
  6. Formula milk is not equal to and WILL NEVER be equal to breastmilk
  7. Having a can of formula (or bottles of liquid formula) on the dresser gives you more temptation to mix or formula feed.
  8. A breastpump is not an essential breastfeeding gear.
  9. Other moms’ breastfeeding experiences will vary from yours and it may not be helpful sometimes to compare.
  10. There IS breastfeeding support in the Philippines — you just need to look for it.