Finally, after 2 weeks in the NICU, my niece Anya Carissa was brought home. My sister and brother-in-law brought her home at about 930pm last Saturday, 24 January 2010. We had a small welcoming party with all the in-laws. My sister has also been directly breastfeeding her and happily, Anya’s latch is perfect! My sister’s breasts were definitely made for breastfeeding and she did not experience the sore and bleeding nipples that I did. Anya is also pooing about 4-6 times and peeing 6-8 times a day.

Yesterday was their first check-up back to Dr. Q. Happily, Dr. Q didn’t tell my sister to stop breastfeeding or supplement with formula as Anya gained weight. However, she did tell my sister to give cell light/spirulina as supplement. They bought 1 box but are still deciding whether to give the supplement. *Sigh*
According to my sister, Anya hated having her photos taken and usually protests when there is a flash. But Anya seems to be following Achi Naima’s footsteps and behaved very well during the photoshoot. Sharing with you some photos taken last Sunday by my husband, Stan. Isn’t she just precious?!