Early this week, I read about how a nursing mom from Kentucky, USA was charged with felony assault for squirting milk on her jail guard’s face. The mom was arrested for intoxication, transported to a detention center and while changing into her jail scrubs, squirted the guard with her milk! According to the jail’s press release, the officer was successfully able to “clean the bio-hazard off her.” Strange news indeed but as Penny Lane pointed out, what is disturbing is the treatment or perception of breastmilk as a bio-hazard.

This is probably the reason why the thought of breast milk cheese makes many people squirm. Sometime in 2008, PETA wrote Ben & Jerry’s asking them to use breast milk in their ice cream instead of cow’s milk. PETA got their idea from a Swiss restaurant Storchen, which was eventually banned from serving breast milk from their menu.

This year, a New York chef is in the headlines for serving cheese made from his fiancee’s breast milk. Chef Daniel Angerer posted a recipe for the breastmilk cheese in his blog and his cheese warranted an appearance on the Today show but had no takers. In the TodayMom’s survey, majority or about 65% of respondents did not want to try the cheese.

I probably would be willing to try breastmilk cheese if it was made out of my own breastmilk or my sister’s. But I definitely would not want to eat cheese made out of a stranger’s breastmilk! It’s a pity I already gave away all my expressed milk. I think I might try to pump 2 cups of milk over the weekend since I certainly would want to try making this breastmilk cheese as Naima just LOVES cheese!