With the frequent rotating brownouts all over the country, one of the concerns of pumping moms is freezer burn on their frozen breastmilk. I found this informative video on how to prevent freezer burn:

Meanwhile, if your frozen milk already shows signs of freezer burn, should it already be discarded? According to Britannica Online, freezer burn occurs when “improperly package frozen foods lose small amounts of moisture during storage, resulting in surface dehydration. If you have lots of extra stored milk, I would suggest that you throw out the frozen milk bags exhibiting freezer burn. However, considering that freezer burn is really just loss of moisture and doesn’t mean that the milk is spoiled, my opinion is that you can also do the taste and smell test. Thaw out your milk in the refrigerator, then smell and taste if it is sour and spoiled. If you’re lucky to have a baby who is not picky (like Naima), then you wouldn’t have problems giving it. But if your baby refuses it, you can either throw it out or donate it to a milk bank with a pasteurizer. Don’t forget to inform the nurse that it has already been thawed out and should be pasteurized immediately!