As a nursing mom with a 24/7 nibbler, I realized how difficult it was to go out of the house and shop for clothes, bras, etc. etc.  So, I thought about compiling a list of relevant shops – online and brick/mortar for nursing moms – and my Nursing Mom’s Shopping Guide was born.  Currently there are 5 posts in this series – clothes and more clothes; nursing covers; nursing bras and malunggay.  I have a post about breast pumps which has been languishing in my drafts folder for several months now.  I also want to make a guide about nursing accessories (storage bags, nipple creams) locally available.
Despite having a shopping guide and having an online store catering to nursing moms, I still maintain that you don’t have to buy anything to successfully breastfeed your child.  As Kellymom says – you only need 1 breast and 1 baby.   But for shopaholic moms like me out there, I hope that my shopping guide compilation is useful – especially during the first few weeks when new moms are still learning the ropes.
Apart from shopping for myself, I was excited when Naima was born because there were more reasons to shop!  To begin with, I was already a shopper when I was younger and single.  With online shopping on the rise, I’m now hooked on baby/toddler stuff shopping for Naima and my niece Anya and nephew Julian.
However, I found out that some items on every baby shopping list and that I also purchased are really useless.  For example, Naima’s high chair is parked in 1 corner, eating up my precious space.  This high chair was used for about 3 months – when Naima was eating solids.  The chair was supposed to “grow with my child” but Naima has stopped using it since she turned 1.  Another useless purchase was the crib – which is now a glorified toy box. Naima still sleeps with us so we just stack her toys – including a humongous bear (bigger than her) in her crib.  Meanwhile, my most useful purchases would be my breast pump and baby carrier.
I’m sure moms have their own list of useful/useless purchases.  For the giveaway this week, moms are asked to share their own useful/useless purchases. 

There will be 2 winners.  Prizes for this week are:
1. Wall Candy Arts Count Border (winner chooses between pink or blue) and 
2. 2 wooden toys – spinning toy and hangman

How to join this contest?

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Leave a separate comment for each entry so it will be counted separately.  One comment = 1 entry.  However, both most useful and most useless baby purchase should be in 1 comment and counts only as 1 entry even if you write down xxx number of purchases in separate comments.
If your email address is not in your public profile, leave it with your comment in words (e.g. fabnaima[at]gmail[dot]com) so I can contact you if you win.
This contest is open to readers within the Philippines and items will be shipped to you for free using Xend.  Contest will end on May 21, Friday at 11:59PM.  Names of winners will be posted in this entry and will be contacted by email.  Please respond within 48 hours – otherwise, I will choose another winner.  Two winners will be chosen using  Winners can win once per week.


Congratulations to the winners – Anne and Dark (darkhalf888).

Anne, please check your email.  

Darkhalf888, please email me at fabnaima[at]gmail[dot]com.  Your profile is marked private and you didn’t leave your email address. 

Please include your prize choice in your email.  Person who emails first gets to have the prize preference/choice.  Thanks for joining and check out the giveaway for week 4!