I came across this very interesting series entitled “Other People’s Breastmilk“. It is on a UK channel – Channel 4 and unfortunately, although the entire episode can be viewed online, it doesn’t seem to be allowed outside the UK. A synopsis of the series is as follows:

Kate Garraway – herself the mother of a two-year-old daughter – investigates the pros and cons of cross-feeding, breast-milk donation and wet-nursing by meeting some of the growing numbers of women who share each other’s milk.

‘I’m on a journey to find people who believe milk has to be from the breast,’ says Kate, ‘people who buy it, sell it, people who give it away and people who even feed each other’s babies. To many this might seem weird, but they challenge us that it’s actually much weirder to give our babies cows’ milk than it is to drink milk from another woman. It’s a journey I won’t forget in a hurry.’

The people Kate meets include sisters who cross-feed their babies; women who are able to breast-feed even though they have never been pregnant; surrogate mothers who produce two gallons of milk a week for donation; and a cancer sufferer who believes breast milk has cured his condition.

I was really interested to watch about milk sharing since I have shared milk, my niece has received milk and I have a sister-in-law pregnant with triplets who is considering a wet nurse. Channel 4 also links to a “Breastfeeding Help and Information” Page filled with resources, links and organizations in the UK that can help moms successfully breastfeed.
I’m not sure how big Channel 4 is in the UK (their programs do include popular US series such as How I Met Your Mother, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, The Closer, Smallville, etc.) but I am intrigued that they included a program specifically about breastfeeding/breastmilk plus they have a link on their homepage about breastfeeding resources.
Locally, we do have QTV airing breastfeeding commercials (only during August) but apart from being featured in talk shows or the news (if there are newsworthy events), I haven’t come across a local channel airing a documentary entirely about breastfeeding. One episode on I-Witness entitled “Kape Para Kay Lean” focused on malnutrition in the children of Pasacao, Camarines Sur where children never taste milk from their mothers but are fed with rice coffee instead. Looking at the local major stations’s TV show line-up, I think that a breastfeeding documentary could be a proper topic forThe Correspondents or Dokumentado or I-Witness.