My employer owns a vast painting collection.  My officemate and fellow breastfeeding advocate Claire belongs to the department who manages the paintings. She compiled several paintings depicting breastfeeding moms and emailed me her collection.  Can you spot the nursing mom?  I already have several breastfeeding photos thanks to Stan but I would love to have a breastfeeding painting!  Calling The Painter’s Wife!

Jose Blanco, Puto Bungbong, 1973
Oil on canvas, 121 x 77 cm
Norma Belleza, Savings in a Bao, 1982
Oil on canvas, 76 x 114cm
Vicente Manansala, Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread, 1981
Oil on canvas, 69 x 68cm
Tam Austria, Pauwi, 1982
Oil on canvas, 120 x 180 cm

Angelito Antonio, Antipolo, 1972
Oil on canvas, 112 x 122cm

Aside from my employer’s collection, Claire and I found several other paintings by Filipino artists depicting breastfeeding moms.

Ricardo Puruganan, Mother Breastfeeding Baby, 1974
11 x 12.  Available for purchase. 
S Cahooy, Untitled, 1980
27.5 by 27. Available for purchase.
S Cahooy, Mother Feeding Child, 1980
27.5 x 27 Available for purchase.
Demetrio Diego, Mother breastfeeding baby in a banca, 1988
10 x 15 Available for purchase.
Fernando Amorsolo, Under a Mango Tree, 1958
Oil on canvas, 22.5 x 31. Available for purchase.
Balagtas, Fishermen’s Life, 2005
15 x 24. Available for purchase.

Which one is your favorite?