As we end the Mother’s Month of May, my family is celebrating 2 very important milestones.  N has finally completely weaned at 3 years old and 5 months.   Early this year, I wrote about the challenges I had with weaning her. And since she morphed into a different N at night time (despite our daytime agreement to stop nursing) plus we had an upcoming trip in April/May, I decided not to pursue active weaning.
Breastfeeding helped us during our trip – through the long flights plus comforting a feverish N.  It was a big plus and easy source of comfort.  I am still glad though that when it was time to finally and completely wean, the experience was not traumatic for either us.
Her weaning is without reason – as we are expecting baby number 2!  During the last leg of our trip in Vancouver, I had been feeling really under the weather and was late.  As soon as we arrived from our trip, we immediately did a pregnancy test to positive results!  I have to admit that the baby was semi-unplanned – we had been gunning for a dragon baby – but very much welcome!
I immediately visited my ob-gyne who knew that I was still breastfeeding.  After check-up and ultrasound, she never mentioned that I had to wean N.  However, I thought that it was the best time to start as I had been ready to wean since the start of the year.
We told N about the new addition to our family and she excitedly named the baby “FLOWER”.  I then explained to her that every time she nurses from me, my tummy will squeeze Flower and that we don’t want that because we want Flower to grow in Mommy’s tummy until she is ready to come out!  I think this explanation was acceptable to her because she agreed to stop nursing then and there.  I think she was also ready.  Even during night time, when she tries to pull down my shirt and nurse, I’ll just gently say, remember Flower, then she’ll whimper a bit, toss, turn then fall back to sleep.  Now, she doesn’t even ask to nurse.  When she wakes up at night she’ll just ask to hold then fall back to sleep.
I recently tried asking her if she wants to nurse and she’ll always say “No, Mom, I don’t want Flower to be squeezed.”  Then she’ll tell me, when Flower comes out, Flower will share your milk with me, right? I am really happy with this development since I feel that our weaning experience was pleasant.  So this merry month of May has been doubly happy for me – with the easy and ready weaning of N plus the coming of our 2nd baby, Flower!
How was your weaning journey?