During the Along Came Baby Bazaar at the World Trade Center, Jonie came across a booth selling “natural colostrum”.  Since I was sidelined, I just asked Jonie to get me a flier.
Turns out, what they are selling is “colostrum of New Zealand bovine (cows)”.  There are so many things WRONG with this product.  Wait, let me back track – yes, I am a milk drinker (that was before I got pregnant – now I can’t stand the taste of milk!) and my daughter is also a milk drinker.  But colostrum of the mama cow is something I think should be reserved for the baby cow (calf) and not extracted for human use.
We already cause cows to produce milk much longer than they normally do just so we can get regular stocks but must we also get the liquid gold that is supposed to be for the calf?  We know how limited colostrum a mom can produce.  So I wonder how the lack of colostrum will impact on the future generation of milk-producing cows?