As a working mom, one of the top traits I want my daughter to learn is frugality and knowing the value of money. We have started her on a piggy bank account – actually a teddy bear bank – where Stan or I give her a coin every day and she saves it up in the teddy bear bank. Whenever she tells me she wants to buy something, I ask her do you have enough saved in your teddy bear bank? And then she stops and thinks about it and says, Okay mommy, I will save up some more. I hope this will help her understand that money does not grow on trees.
This was why I was quite happy to learn about the current exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum entitled “Money Matters for Kids”. N and I visited the exhibit and I was quite pleased with the set-up and the interactive activities for kids. Check out the slideshow of N’s visit below.

Read the Press Release below for more details about the exhibit and make sure you schedule a visit with your kids!
In line with the objectives of the BSP’s integrated Economic and Financial Learning Program and its thrust to promote financial education, the BSP accepted the donation of the “Money Matters for Kids” Exhibit from donors Citi Foundation, Museo Pambata Foundation, Inc. and Philippine Business for Social Progress. The signing of the Deed of Donation was held at the Galeriya Bangko Sentral at the Metropolitan Museum on 9 August 2011. With the signing of the Deed of Donation, the 3-month long exhibit was also formally opened at the same venue.
The “Money Matters for Kids” is a traveling exhibit. It is a fun and interactive way for children aged 2 to 12 years old to learn about the concept of money, saving, spending and sharing and the importance of saving for the future. This exhibit first opened in Museo Pambata before it travelled around various malls and community centers reaching an estimated 90,000 kids since its launch in 2009.
The exhibit features several interesting activities. There is a make-believe bank where children can pretend to be bank tellers and bank managers. The bank also comes with a toy ATM where kids can pretend to put in their card and punch in their PIN code. At the same time, the toy ATM teaches them the meaning of withdrawals and deposits, savings and current accounts. “Spot the Difference” which features two giant bills will help children to distinguish between fake and real bills. Children can also scan their money under an ultraviolet light so they can see the security features. Another exciting activity is a grocery shop which will help kids identify between needs and wants.
By teaching the value of money at a very young age, the BSP aims to help children grow up to be wise savers, careful spenders and smart consumers. Parents are encouraged to visit the exhibit with their children and get a chance to enjoy and learn from the interactive activities. The “Money Matters for Kids” Exhibit will be open to the public at the Metropolitan Museum, Roxas Boulevard, until 29 October 2011. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday at 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. Entrance is P100 each. Call 5211517 or 5361566 for more details.