The Our Lady of La Leche Movement invites you to pay tribute to Our Lady of La Leche Y Buen Parto (Our Lady of Milk and Safe Delivery), Patroness of Mothers and Mothers-to-Be.

We call especially on all:
Pregnant Moms to pray for safe delivery
New and Breastfeeding Moms as thanksgiving and to pray for strength
Those Trying to Conceive to pray for the gift of a child

Spouses/Family/Friends/Support System are welcome!

Pilgrimage tour is on December 10, 2011, Saturday, and starts at 7am with a mass at St. Francis Church in Mandaluyong (near Shangrila Edsa). We will takeoff right after the mass. We will be visiting several locations in Metro Manila that have the image of Our Lady of La Leche, including the original antique image whose age is undetermined. We will end back at St Francis at around 1pm.

To cover transportation, snacks and lunch, pilgrimage free is P900. Any proceeds will be used to donate images of Our Lady of La Leche to more churches and hospitals.

We will be having a physician and lactation counsellor on board for free consultations.

Don’t miss this chance to ask for Our Lady’s intercession, and to make her known
to other mothers. Slots are limited, so please send a personal message to Bianca
Atienza-Gutierrez to make reservations.