Congratulations to Amee Go-Diu for winning the Bumblebear Shop giveaway!

This week’s giveaway is sponsored by Sharlene Lao of the Bumblebear Shop.   Sharlene is a mom of 2 little girls who were the inspiration for her shop.  As a stay at home mom, she started Bumblebear because she wanted to earn extra money and at the same time be with her little girls.   Sharlene started her shop in the last quarter of 2010 and despite the challenges of breastfeeding (pumping while in bazaars – with one hand under the cover to pump and one hand to give out change to customers), she was able to successfully breastfeed her girls until they were 1 year old.

Bumblebear was the nickname of Sharlene’s firstborn daughter and the shop was born from her fruitless search for affordable and pretty hair pieces. Sharlene makes each piece by hand and limits the color combinations of most styles to less than 20 – making sure that each piece is unique and special.  
Sharlene’s unique pieces are available online in her BumbleBear Shop page and will soon be available from Rone’s Motheringearthlings Store.   Check out some of her pieces:

sparkle in red – perfect for the holidays!
fun in the sun – a three layer boutique bow

Here is Sharlene’s store philosophy – “[n]othing gives me more happiness than to be able to spend time with family and create beautiful things at the same time.
For this contest, Sharlene will be giving away a Bumblebear Gift Set consisting of 1 cupcake clip holder and 2 sparkle clips.  Sharlene also makes these clip holders because she found the need to organize her daughter’s clips to prevent them from being squashed! 

You can purchase Sharlene’s clips and holders from her Facebook page or you can win the cupcake clip holder pictured above plus 2 sparkle clips by joining the giveaway through Rafflecopter. 

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