This is a long delayed post.  During the last week of September, we were able to organize the 3rd Babywearing Meet at Gymboree.  For details of the event, you can read The Painter’s Wife and Mimma Benz write-ups.

nursing E in a next9 sling

With baby E now here, I am more excited about babywearing.  I am currently using Jen’s Next9 ring sling with baby E as we nurse and go about during these early days.  I must say that babywearing saved my sanity during the early days!!  I was able to eat, blog, entertain Achi N, etc. etc.
Aside from my ring sling, I went crazy with purchasing various carriers and now have a babyhawk meitai, olives and applesauce soft structured carrier (SSC), peanut shell pouch and hotslings AP (for S!).  Add this to my existing Saya and Moby wraps.

I was able to attend a meeting of Babywearing International and this makes me excited for the next babywearing event!  The moms who organize the meetings have a library of more than 50 carriers which they let participants try – from stretchy wraps, woven wraps, hybrids, SSCs, pouches, meitai, ringslings, etc. etc. – name it and they are sure to have it.  They even had a korean podegi! For each type of carrier, they had several brands available.
The other organizers and I have been talking about how to promote babywearing and “regularize” the events.  We were thinking of creating our own library of carriers and charge a fee for membership which will allow people to borrow from the library.  We’ve even thought of a name (FAB – for Filipino Association of Babywearers!) A lot of moms are interested in babywearing and sometimes just need the push or affirmation that the way they are using the carrier is correct.
We haven’t scheduled the next event yet and welcome suggestions, comments from interested moms.  In case you are wondering why the last event was limited and required RSVP – it was because the space was quite limited and we wanted to have some semblance of order during the event – unlike what happened during babywearing event 2, when we invaded Starbucks!
Interested? Share your thoughts!