My first born N had been semi-cloth diapered and I do admit that at that time I thought that cloth diapering a baby at night and when going out was quite impossible.  The book Changing Diapers was released in October 2011.  I waited for the Black Friday sale and hurriedly purchased 3 copies – for myself, E’s ninang Jen plus 1 more extra copy.

It was my first time to see a book dedicated to cloth diapering and I was quite excited.  The book was written by Kelly Wels, a cloth diapering advocate who used to own the diaper store Kelly’s Closet.
Released in October 2011, this book was the perfect read while I was pregnant with E.
What I love about the book is that it is very reader friendly.  It deciphers the cloth diapering terms – AIOs, hybrids, snappis, prefolds, hemp, etc. and helped me decide which diapers to purchase for baby E. I especially liked the section on what’s inside a disposable diaper (page 22) – yikes!

step by step guide to laundering

If you are new to cloth diapering or even just thinking about it – get this book! With its lovely photos and excellent illustrations, it will help you wade through the cloth diapering world and succeed 24/7.  [The photos of cute diapers would be enough to convince any hip mom to cloth diaper!!] The book even tackles cloth diapering in the hospital setting and shares anecdotes from dads.  For example, Jack’s dad shares his Dads’ Dirty Dozen on Cloth Diapering – and this is something you can share with your bub’s dad, too! Wondering if you can cloth diaper even when traveling or when you have multiples?  Changing Diapers has answers to those questions.
Even if you are already a cloth diapering mom, this book is an excellent reference especially for laundering diapers from removing odors, stains, storing.  The book also lists several cloth diaper brands — not too good — as it added to my fluff shopping list!
Have a doubting friend? Lend her your copy of this book and it will definitely change her mind about cloth diapering!
Want your own copy? You can purchase one from Amazon or Kelly Wel’s website.  OR you can join this giveaway through Rafflecopter! As I mentioned, I have 1 extra copy which I’d love to share to my readers.    So join now!
Contest starts on 12 April 2012 and will end on 21 April 2012.  Limited to participants with Philippine addresses.

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