I was nominated for the Smart Parenting Online and Sangobion Mommy Blogger Awards contest.  When I first received the email, I asked if there was a catch – and the sponsors said no.  No need to purchase their products, no need to blog about their products – just ask your readers and fans to vote for you.  IT WILL BE A POPULARITY CONTEST.  Simple rule: blogger with most votes wins!

I checked the mother company of Sangobion and it is Merck – makers of Claritin (my allergy medicine), Coopertone, Dr. Scholl, among others.  Not Nestle? Check! Not a milk formula manufacturer? Check! Plus, one of the prizes is an iPAD3 and I really want to win that because I want it but I’m to cheap to buy one. So if you found my blog useful at one time or another in your life AND want me to win, please do vote for me!

The voting process is complicated AND the rules are a bit confusing.  You can vote 3x for daily for 1 blogger but your 3 votes will only count as one.  Then, only votes from female registrants will count (I don’t know how they will validate this).  There will also be 25 voters who will get to attend the Awards Ceremony.

Ready to vote?
1. Register first – www.smartparenting.com.ph/mommybloggerawards/registration/
2. Check your email (including your SPAM folder) for the validation code.
3. Validate your account by clicking on the link sent your email.
4. Login here – www.smartparenting.com.ph/mommybloggerawards/login
5. Vote here – http://www.smartparenting.com.ph/mommybloggerawards/voting
6. Vote by clicking “VOTE” under my name. While you’re at it, you may want to “LIKE” my FB page and “FOLLOW” me on Twitter.
7. Share with your friends and ask them to vote for me too 😀

Once you have registered, you can just login directly and vote in the succeeding days.  The contest runs until August 17, 2012 AND you can vote for me 3x daily (please do!).

Will you help me win an iPad3?  Thank you!