Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Baby Leaf Diapers.

Here is a short blurb about the brand:

Baby Leaf was born out of a working mom’s desire to provide only the best, safest and baby-friendliest for her newborn. Trisha Lim – the mom behind Baby Leaf – began the business with an ideal: to get only the best-quality, all-natural and eco-friendly items for her baby.  She and her husband, Stuart, have three beautiful little girls.
The name “Baby Leaf” stands for the newness and freshness that comes with being a new parent and having a new life to care for. Just as a new leaf signifies the start of a new life, Baby Leafs envision families experiencing the newness and wonder of parenthood, with Baby Leaf providing the freshest, Earth-friendly finds.

Trisha also shares why she decided to switch to cloth diapers:

We used to believe in disposables. I knew I had to stop when I saw crystal- like particles on her nappy each morning which I knew were bad chemical build up from the diapers. My kids all have skin asthma, severe diaper rash and I knew I needed to switch to cloth. That’s how BABY LEAF one size cloth diaper started.

What exactly is the Baby Leaf Cloth Diapering System?

Baby Leaf’s One-Size Cloth Diapering System is a complete line of adjustable cloth diapers that grow with babies. Available as a complete system of covers and inserts, the One-Size Cloth Diapering System promotes the idea of eco-friendly baby care and purposeful diapering. It is more than a trend: Cloth diapering is now an essential part of any modern family. What makes Baby Leaf’s line unique is that it affords parents with creative choices, colors, styles, as well as tools to help make cloth diapering a success for any family.

ABC Blue plus a jotter for me!
E naps with daddy in his Baby Leaf

Trisha was kind enough to send me 2 cloth diapers for E – one in pacific blue and another one in alphabet blue. E is currently fully on cloth diapers and the cloth diaper gifts were very much welcome.  We love the fun ABC print and the simplicity and ease of using the diapers. If you don’t mind the bulk, pockets are really the easiest of all cloth diapers to use.  Trisha has a wide variety of prints and colors available to choose from.  She also carries matching wet bags which can be used to store dirty diapers when out and about, making it really convenient to cloth diaper your bub 24/7.

Girl Blossom Kit
Life Saver Kit
Boy Racer Kit

For this giveaway, Trisha is offering one Chronicles of a Nursing Mom reader the chance to win one of her new packaged kits!  The winner can choose from the Girl Blossom Kit ( tickle me pink, royal purple, cottony white), the Boy Racer Kit (screaming green, pacific blue, cottony white) or the Life Saver Kit (outrageous orange, unmellow yellow, strawberry red).

To win, you can join Rafflecopter below. CONTEST ENDS ON JULY 8, 2012.

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