For the holidays, I will be spending it out of Metro Manila and going to Cebu (Stan’s hometown) and Davao (my hometown).  We had a successful meet-up in Davao City during the summer with Next9 and Mamaway.  Because there had been some moms who were asking to meet-up in Cebu, I contacted Shirly of Baobao Babies when I finalized my plans for the holidays.  Since I won’t be having a yaya during this trip, I asked Shirly to limit the participants to a manageable number.  
The Davao event was focused on babywearing.  This Cebu mommy meet-up will be informal.  It won’t be a talk, but more of a discussion, particularly on the topics I discuss or write about in this blog like breastfeeding, babywearing, baby led feeding, natural birthing, etc. etc.  I will also be bringing several of my carriers for moms to try out.  
Interested? See the details in the poster below and contact Shirly for details.  

Meanwhile, stay tuned for another meet-up in Davao!